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Pay it forward – giving a donation and contribution to make a big difference to school children in need. It has been an exciting year and may we take this opportunity to thank all donors, sponsors, partners and volunteers for your continued support, donation, generosity and kindness. It’s the time... Read More

As part of our CEO and Board of Advisor regular official visit to Australia Oikos Care School Projects in Indonesia, our CEO, Dharma Sutedja and Board of Advisor, Ferdy Wijaya have recently visited Alpha Omega School in Bantargebang, Bekasi to meet teachers, parents, school children and staff. They are warmly... Read More

Students of AOS Bantargebang

It was an exciting day for me personally since the last time I, Christine Fenhart,  visited one of the school was approximately 5 years ago before my daughters were born. We had done lots of preparation prior to the visitation with Bu Mety's help because we wanted to give the... Read More

Dear Our Valued Donors, Sponsors, Partners and Volunteers, I would like to take a moment to thank our valued donors, sponsors, partners and volunteers for your loyalty, generosity and continued support over the past twelve months. I truly recognise we wouldn’t be where we are without the help and contributions... Read More

Household mother Edi Yuniari Graduation

This is a successful story of a household mother called Edi Yuniari, graduated from Teacher Education School. Edi Yuniari become the only teacher with Bachelor Of Early Education Degree at Alpha Omega School. Here is her story: It all started in 2009. As a household mother who had to provide... Read More

Dedy Surya Graduation

Dedi joined one of our Schools that we sponsored in 2009, as an Early Childhood Teacher Assistant. As time went by, along with his commitment and work ethics, he was given an opportunity to teach in Program A for students who could not complete high school. During his time as... Read More

"A true story of Alpha Omega School students Sigit & Sarah who are 2 siblings and children in need living in Jakarta and their former lives before attending school. We love to bring relief and happiness to children. We want Sigit & Sarah to go to school and learn, grow... Read More

Our new CEO, Mr. Dharma Sutedja, recently in February 2018 had the opportunity to thankfully visit Alpha Omega School (in cooperation with YCare Foundation, Jakarta) in Marunda North Jakarta to meet with school children and dedicated teachers and to get to know them better. In this opportunity, he deeply discussed... Read More